Second-hand Strip Feeding Line

Second-hand strip feeding line of type ARKU consisting of:

Precision straightening machine ARKU RM 3035.4/9
Decoiler ARKU AH 2000/ST-M


Precision straightening machine ARKU RM 3035.4/9

Universal straightening unit with

  • Synchronically driven feed and lower leveling rollers

  • Manual adjustment of roller frame of inlet and outlet by two hand-wheels

  • Distance of leveling rollers readable by dial gauge

  • Lubrication of levelling roller bearings and drive shafts by circulating lubrication system


  • Central control desk

  • Running mode „setting" of about 8 m/min adjustable by potentiometer in the control cabinet

  • Automatic running: strip loop to the next machine by ultrasonic scanning; continuously adjustable from 0 to 40 m/min

Decoiler ARKU AH 2000/ST-M


  • Mechanical spreading of the coiler mandrel by hand crank (sliding wedge system)
  • Pneumatically operated pressure arm
  • Pneumatically adjustable spring pressure disc break
  • Base frame common with straightening machine

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