ebu Umformtechnik Retrofit

We commit ourselves to the planning of automatized new installations and machine retrofits that satisfy your individual needs. And we perform complete general overhauls and modernisations of almost any press make.

Our Performances

Overhauling of eccentric press


1. Press body
  • Visual inspection of press body
  • Crack testing of the mechanically stressed points in the press body
  • Preparing and new varnishing to the complete machine
  • Replacement of the lubrication lines
  • Replacement of hydraulic hoses
  • Rework of the hydraulic units (hydraulics, greasing, overload protection)
  • Rework of the protection screens in the front and rear respectively in the lateral tool space cover
2. Ram
  • Visual inspection and crack testing of the ram
  • Crack testing of the crankpins and the ball cups
  • Repair or if required replacement of the functional components in the section of force transmission and ram adjustment
  • Replacement of seals of the pneumatic ram weight compensation
3. Clutch-/brake combination unit (CBC)
  • Rework of CBC
  • Change of wearing parts (plates, springs, sealings)
4. Drive and stroke adjustment
  • Replacement and rework of the bearings and functional mechanical components
  • Crack testing and rework of eccentric shaft
  • Replacement of press safety valve
5. Complete renewal of electrical installation with new switch and control unit

existing of

  • ebu monitor control MP377 Simatic S7/317
  • Color Touch Screen 15"
  • Swivelling control arms
  • Tool protection 8-fold
  • Cam switch unit 8-fold
  • Press force measuring system combined with hydraulic overload protection
  • Tool data memory for about 200 tools
  • Network connection
  • Profibus connection to all adjustment systems
  • Remote diagnostics via open VPN (DSL line with fixed IP or SIM card with data flat rate required)
  • Two-hand operated button for safe setting
  • Reverse mechanism (return)
  • Additional function "setting creep mode"
  • Operating hours counter
  • Central lubrication, automatic
  • Hydraulic overload protection in the ram
  • Press force metering
  • Motor ram height adjustment with digital display, precision of indication approx. 0,1 mm
  • Automatic crankpins clamping
  • Pneumatic weight balance
  • Electrical and mechanical travelling limit device for ram height adjustment
  • Motoric correction of top death center integrated in new control device
  • Fully automatic stroke adjustment
  • Additional oil cooler
  • Bed plate with milled T-grooves
  • Infinitely adjustable drive (frequency controlled, drive output 22 kw)
  • Temperature monitoring of shaft bearings
  • Lighting of tool space existing of 4 LED lamps
  • Tool space secured by pneumatically moved protective lifting gate in the front, swiveling doors in the rear
  • Lateral openings with perforated

Roll Feed:

  • Rework of feed rollers
  • Replacement of belt and belt pulleys
  • Replacement of toothed lock washer
  • Replacement of bearings and sealings
  • Replacement of feed motor
  • Complete new electrical installation including connection with press control system
  • Rework of roller basket and replacement of rollers

Performances at the customer's site:

  • Transportation of the plant to the customer's work
  • Set up and commissioning of the plant
  • Training and assistance with production at the start of production

General performance:

  • The works include the rework of the documentation and the preparation of a new operation manual including the description of the machine.
  • On demand CE conformity declaration according to machinery directive 2006/42/EG
  • On demand service and maintenance contract including annual safety check, change of oil and air filters and realization of necessary maintenance work.

We do everything to bring your used one back up to speed!

We will be pleased to inform you in detail about our innovative solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact Frank Kögler and the ebu service team