ebu C-Frame Presses

ebu Design Study

for the new design of the ebu C-frame H model established on the market

The demand for C-frame presses used for manual loading and for semi and fully automatic applications continues unbowed. ebu UMFORMTECHNIK is killing two birds with one stone with the development of the new model:

- Ergonomic and exacting concept as regards safety
- Simplified operation for the user and integrated, technical benefits
- Reduction of manufacturing, production and assembly times whilst working sparingly with resources

Designstudie H40
Prototype new ebu H40

In designing the press frame, ebu turned the highest level of attention to the fact that a rigid table concept in conjunction with the necessary legroom for seating activities in front of presses of this type is realised. Previously, it was always cumbersome to create appropriate legroom for the user when seated. The ergometrically appealing design of the new model features the operator comfort required and the necessary rigidity between table and ram under nominal load. The resilience values have been halved as compared to the predecessor model with adjustable table.

The machine keeps its traditional cast iron design. We have the ability to change the design and rigidity in different casting qualities. In collaboration with casters, we have succeeded in developing an easily castable, optimally demouldable, and simple to use model ‒ the stand-out features of which are overall rigidity and corresponding strength under load. The thought behind series production also enables the deployment of cheaper and more environmentally friendly wood models.

As in other models, we have banished aggregates and peripheral supply equipment from the work area, and integrated them directly into the press frame. This means there are no projections negatively impacting the slimline press design. The space around the machine remains usable for parts logistics. Its inherent design means different levels of noise insulation measures can be realised easily in the lining area and in the press frame itself.

The ability is provided to fit as standard into any machine light field equipment and mechanical screening for the table. This means we are allowing for retrofitting considerations.
There continues to be an option to switch from adjustment units in the standard variant to semi or fully-automatic solutions. This pertains in particular to ram height and stroke adjustment, as well as speed regulation. The integration of back gears to increase work capacity in the low speed range is also realisable in the new model as is customary.

For more than 30 years now, ebu has been deploying hydraulic couplings in the standard variant of C-frame presses. We have remained true to this tradition in the new model. It is still perfectly possible however to deploy a pneumatic coupler for semi or fully automatic operation of the machine with few switching operations in the coupling range. We have factored in from the very outset deployment of both coupling types ‒ hydraulic wet multi-disc clutch with spring-operated brake and pneumatic single disc clutch.

To satisfy latest production requirements, ebu has mounted the eccentric shaft on roller bearings, and the ram in a linear guide. The resultant, virtually no-play variant in conjunction with very rigid press frame design facilitates the production of far more accurate parts.

In terms of control, ebu has committed to a compact unit which of course meets European Mechanical Engineering directives and all prevalent standard regulations and codes of practise.

The cam group inside the machine is used to monitor the cut-off points and lag traverse (also at different speeds), and has been replaced from a mechanical variant to a fully-electrical device housed in the control cabinet.

Those wanting to build machines in series, independently of press capacity size, need to be aware of simplification in production of components, and in assembly. In realising variant design, we are able to respond flexibly to the requirements of operators ‒ right up to shortly before completion of a machine. Assembly times themselves have reduced by more than 50% in relation to the previous model.

The newly created "modular system" lends itself perfectly to mid to large batch sizes.

With the mixture of innovative and technically superior design, and intelligent production and assembly application, ebu believes it is introducing a new and attractive model to the market.

ebu H-series