ebu Energetics

- The ebu Energy Management System for Optimal Operation of Servo Presses

Innovative servo-torque drive solutions as the highly efficient double servo drive ebu ServoTech designed for press forces of up to 16000 kN are integrated in ebu servo presses. The ebu presses realize high dynamics and increased production rates by means of the different powerful ebu drive solutions and the use of high-performance motors with top outputs of up to several Mega-Watt. The ebu drive solution is perfectly coordinated with the individual required production process.

To avoid having to take the peaks of motor outputs from the mains, ebu Umformtechnik offers a smart energy management system optimally aligned with the punching automats or plant: the ebu Energetics.


Using the ebu Energetics the operator can select between these possible operating modes: normal servo, pendulum and special pendulum.

Depending on size, either capacitor banks and/or kinetic energy accumulators are used. This reduces the energy output to up to 10 % (!) of the peak performance. The ebu energy management ebu Energetics can also be used at machine standstill and with active control to buffer power peaks within the company network, in the scope of design.


ebu drive with integrated energy Management
capacitor banks
kinetic energy accumulator

Benefits of ebu Energetics

Measurements in productive operation impressively demonstrate the benefits of te energy management system ebu Energetics.


Foto: Siemens