Punching machine ebu STA-G split design

ebu STA-G, split design

All split type punching machines made by ebu Umformtechnik are cast designs. Only very large parts or components and split machine versions that cannot be cast are steel type constructions.


Hydraulically prestressed tie rods enable the assembly and prestressing of the different press body components in the machine frame. The use of correspondingly selected materials guarantees the high rigidity and optimal attenuation behaviour of the frame.


Currently, split type automatic punching machines with press ratings from 400 kN to 16,000 kN can be produced. The length of the benches is limited to maximum 6,000 mm. All machines of this series are, true to the unitised construction design realised with them, available as one or two con-rods equipped versions and can be equipped with different drive variants.

Punching machines, series ebu STA-G