To enable the processing of coiled raw materials, the strip feeding systems need to be equipped with so-called coilers. The design of the coilers enables the processing of source materials of different in- and outside diameters and thicknesses. Depending on the dimension of the coil, the equipment operates either in pulling off or in uncoiling mode. The cutting or forming process defines the speed of the strip during the execution of the uncoiling procedure.


The carrying force of the ebu coilers ranges from 500 kg to > 20,000 kg.


The semi- or fully automated operation of the machine without any need for interfering manually is ensured when using particularly large-dimensioned source materials. Different appropriate means can be utilised to achieve this.


ebu CLW

Innovative Coil Loading & Turning Machine


To minimize the set-up times with coil changing, the coil diameters have to be increased. In this way more strip material is available and the coil changing times are reduced. The use of big coils, however, makes coil changing more difficult. It is especially very complicated to change narrow coils, because the coils have to be transported from the loading cradle and set into the coiler in upright position but stored and in best case also transported in horizontal position to avoid the danger of tipping. Coil turning devices are often used to turn and deposit the coil in the loading cradle, but it is always required to transport the coil to the cradle which will lift it to the correct spike height.

ebu Umformtechnik’s new coil loading-turning machine ebu CLW simplifies and speeds up the coil handling substantially. The ebu CLW combines the functions of turning and lifting coils of a weight of up 10,000 kg and diameters of up to 2,000 mm. The ebu CLW securely turns and lifts the coil up to the required height of the spike whereby setting the height at up to 500 mm is realizable.

The special feature of the ebu CLW is that both functions are executed by a sole drive unit. Two powerful hydraulic cylinders fullfil this task reliably.

The guiding is done by sturdy rollers. Due to the smart drive solution and a particular cam track through which the ebu CLW passes between two movements, the transition from the turning into the lifting motion is completely jerk-free. The coil is transported between the both motions smoothly and the danger of tipping because of jerks is minimized. Optionally available support arms secure the coil additionally. The arms are automatically adjusted to the width of the coil and swivel in and out.

Innovative and Secure Decoiler System: ebu CLW


The ebu HCC coil-centre facilitates and automatizes the handling of coils through its novel engineering and provides the highest measure of work safety. This well thought out solution enables coil-change times (from the loading cradle) of less than five minutes and so offers enormous possible savings vis-à-vis traditional coilers. Thereby the stable welded-steel-construction grants a safe and ergonomic work. The servo engine controlled, twin designed decoiler mandrels close in on each other towards the centre and transfer the coil that has been prepared by the coil-loading cradle. The strip is automatically centred in the strip feeder; optionally, a different position can be programmed. Hydraulic expansion of coiler pins via a hydraulic sliding wedge system. Sideways strip margins provide for reliable operation and stabilisation of the coils and prevent a fanned dispersal. A mobile touch panel control unit may be used for even more functionality, which can be delivered in different configuration levels up to activation of all functions of the strip feeding line. With wireless remote operation all relevant functions can be controlled from outside the safety enclosure. The coil-terminal serves to prepare the next coil for the coil-loading cradle and is an available option.