In-house Exhibition with Technology Show at ebu Umformtechnik
ebu Umformtechnik opened its gates again on 27th June 2019 in order to show to customers and partners machine models of the current range of plants and machines of ebu Umformtechnik.
ebu presses have been manufacturer in Bayreuth in the Rathenaustrasse for 70 years. In 1949 the first eccentric press was delivered. Since then the programme has developed and expanded essentially. Today the company designes, manufactures and supplies complete forming plants of up to 1600 tons of press force. ebu Umformtechnik has become an internationally recognised brand and is now one of the leading engineering companies in the metal processing industry with its trendsetting and future-oriented range of products.
Individual machines and complete systems of high quality are designed and manufactured in Bayreuth on the basis of the company's many years experience. The core competence now lies in the area of high grade punching and forming plants.
Various types of machines, new machines and retrofit projects, were shown during the in-house exhibition. The ebu experts explained and demonstrated the benefits, flexibility and special features of the ebu solutions directly at the exhibits.

The event of 70 years anniversary of ebu presses was successfully rounded off by a family day in the week-end.
In-house Show on 27.06.2019
ebu Umformtechnik celebrates 70 years of ebu. In 1949 the first eccentric press was produced in Bayreuth.
On June 27 ebu Umformtechnik invites business partners and customers as well as interested manufacturers of the metalworking and processing industry to visit the ebu Umformtechnik in-house technology show at Bayreuth. ebu Umfomtechnik presents exhibits of its innovative performance and supply spectrum for new machines as well as retrofit solutions. Directly on the machine the ebu team explains the advantages, flexibility and specialities of the ebu Umformtechnik technology.
Programme expanded concerning ebu H presses
ebu Umformtechnik has expanded the Programme of ebu H press series by further press sizes.
From now on ebu distributes the types ebu H40, ebu H63, ebu H80, ebu H125 and ebu H160.
Augmented Automation - New Solution for Service Work
During EuroBLECH 2018 ebu Umformtechnik showed besides an automatic punching machine of the well etablished ebu STA programme a new intelligent analysis tool in the section "Augmented Automation". The integrated data glasses enable the view into the installation and the machine and that view is transfered to the communication partner.
Visitors of the ebu booth could take a look through the glasses and convince themselves of the new technology.
ebu … einfach besser umformen!
TEAMWORK in the Sauerland.
ebu Umformtechnik supplied highly dynamic system for pre-punching and forming sheet metal.
ebu Umformtechnik supplied highly dynamic system for pre-punching and forming sheet metal to the OBO Bettermann Group in Menden. Journalist Nikolaus Fecht visited the operator and interviewed OBO and ebu Umformtechnik on behalf of the magazine bbr Bänder Bleche Rohre.
Quiet Some Achivement - ebu Umformtechnik delivered press plant with unique system
ebu Umformtechnik installed a press line with 800t servopress of type ebu STA-G 800/4500 P2RS equipped with different accessories at PWS Presswerk Struthütten. Chief Editor Volker Albrecht visited PWS' facilities and interviewed the customer as well as the press manufacturer ebu Umformtechnik regarding this plant unique as regards configuration.
ebu Umformtechnik with innovative technology and intelligent solutions at EuroBLECH 2018 in Hanover
ebu Umformtechnik is again exhibitor during the international technology show EuroBLECH in Hanover from 23rd to 26th October 2018. The press manufacturer shows the new programme and solutions for sheet metal working industry. An ebu STA press and "Augmented Automation" will be presented.
In 2018 you will again find ebu Umformtechnik in hall 27, E81 in Hanover.
ebu Umformtechnik at EuroBLECH 2018
ebu Umformtechnik takes part in international technology show EuroBLECH 2018 , in Hanover in hall 27, E81
Successful Audit in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
ebu Umformtechnik was audited successfully in according with ISO 9001:2015 and awarded the LGA Premium Zertifikat / LGA InterCert Certificate
ebu Runners start again at 16. Maisel's FunRun
The ebu team with 12 runners participates again in 16. Maisel's FunRun in Bayreuth. The runners are pleased with their individual success. Congratulations! ebu Umformtechnik is proud of its staff.
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