What our service comprise:

  • That the full performance of our machines will be continuously available to you

  • That machine check-ups will be made regularly according to the Accident Prevention Regulations

  • That inspections and maintenance work will be done according to your individual plans

  • That repair work can be done by experts to ebu products same as to products of other makes

  • That you become acquainted in detail with the functioning of our machines by specialized training programs

  • If any faults occur your waiting and stoppage time will be very short.

We are available for you at any time - please contact us!

Service at ebu Umformtechnik GmbH

Review of service performances by ebu Umformtechnik

  • Complete service to presses and strip feeding lines

  • Safety test acc. to BGR 500 including electronic after-run measuring

  • Inspections

  • Precautionary maintenance

  • Support by phone, hotline and remote service

  • Repair service on site

  • In-house repair in Bayreuth

  • Manual and mechanical own production of spare parts, machine and plant components

  • Retrofit of presses and automation of all type

  • Training of operators and maintenance staff, hands-on training on site

  • Offer of second-hand presses and feeding equipment

Your profit

  • Low risk of production stop

  • Quick availability of spare parts

  • Process reliability and human safety by in-house and field expert staff

  • Service technicians spread all over Germany

  • Prompt and efficient support by phone or in customer's facilities

  • Optimization of the installations according to the customer's requirements

  • Attractive prices owing to lean structures

  • Optimized planning and short work paths