Precision Straightening Machines

Straightening technology

Precision Straightening Machines ebu FRM

ebu FRM Precision Straightening machines provide you with innovative optimisation at vital points:


The new series is designed for processing strips with widths from 10 to 1,500 mm and materials with thicknesses of up to 5 mm. Diameters and number of the straightening rollers are also fine-tuned to the thickness of the sheets to be processed - an optimal adjustment to your production requirements.


Removable straightening cassettes now allow roller cleaning to be undertaken even more frequently, easily and faster. This effectively cuts down on any expensive damage to your materials from the accumulation of dirt.


Semi-automatic replacement of the upper and lower straightening cassette is integrated as a standard feature. Even if processing strips with widths of up to 1,500 mm, replacing the straightening cassettes is practically child's play. And this allows production downtimes to be cut to a minimum.


An innovative cassette guiding system and bracing in the direction of loading ensure maximum precision in straightening and thus an exact, trouble-free production sequence.


The higher the demand on the material, the more straightening rollers are needed. The strip width of our solutions therefore encompasses standard straightening machines with seven or nine straightening rollers, as well as high performance and precision straightening machines with up to 21 straightening rollers.

Straightening technology