Punching Machine with Servo Drive

ebu ServoTech

In metal forming machinery, short cycle time is desirable for reasons of productivity. With a typical eccentric press, this is achieved by increasing the eccentric shaft speed. Limitations on an arbitrary increase are made by the special requirements of individual work stages. Special pulling, deflection, embossing and ironing stages are only operable if speed is limited. This oppositional requirement can only be answered with a differentiated ram motion and speed.


Already in 2005 we presented the servo drive system as first German manufacturer of punching presses. We continued the further development of the servo drive technology and today we are in a position to offer various innovative solutions.


ebu Torque motors

The more flexible the drive system, the more diverse the possibilities for installation and use of a press: with this in mind, ebu UMFORMTECHNIK has extended its patented servo drive concept to a new variation, and produced a direct drive for punching and forming presses. This solution means that the course of the ram is individually controlled throughout the entire pressing cycle and can adapt to different tool or component requirements.


Powerful torque motors and an efficient energy management combine the perfect rate of forming with a maximum output.


A permanent oscillating and reciprocating mode at the lower dead point is possible in order to help shorten the cycle time.


The handwheel allows the sensitive setting of tools and press in try-out running.

Automatic punching machine "ebu STA" with servo drive
ebu Doppelservo DS 1000
ebu Doppelservo DS 1000