Spare parts service, repair, maintenance & inspection

Based on its wide-ranging ebu know-how, our service team is always on call to support you within the usual short reaction-, assembly- and/or manufacturing times.

Do not hesitate to ask us whenever maintenance, inspection or training are involved. We provide everything from individual up to complete single-source services.

91% of all spare parts are permanently available
and 80% of all orders for spare parts are pro-cessed within one day.

Our services:

  • DNV* and UVV* in accordance with BGR 500*
  • Electronic after-run measuring
  • Precautionary maintenance services
  • General overhaul - also on site
  • Conversion of control systems
  • Support and care on the phone
  • A large spare parts depot
  • Hotline and phone services

*UVV (accident prevention regulation) and
BGR 500
= Standards and regulations issued by the German institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention
*DNV = Det Norske Veritas (approval authority)